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Overseas buyers, distributors & Agents

foreign principle party in interest (fppi)

many foreign companies want to buy products from us companies that only sell domestically. Foreign buyers often may want to purchase goods from more than one of us company and consolidate into one or more containers for export. who will be the exporter on record ? us regulations prohibit it

us regulations prohibit any foreign company not physically located in the USA from being the exporter/shipper. many us companies are reluctant, or simply refuse, to expand sales into foreign markets because of all the requirements, rules, and regulations. most small to medium-sized companies do not export. Loosing sales by turning away foreign buyers. a USA based authorized agent can facilitate the export.

Kenystar located in the USA can be your authorized Agent for foreign companies wanted to buy American made products we can also provide 3PL services through our customs broker and freight forwarder for handling, fra

forwarder for handling, freight and insurance, warehouse, customs clearance including food and drug (FDA) and, pick-up and delivery. are you overseas retailer-commerce retailer,wholesaler,distributor,or Agent? we will love to hear for you. We can assist you.

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